Impact of Blockchain on Various Industries – Part Seven: Tuning into the Future of Music and Entertainment

Blockchain - Tuning into the future of Music and Entertainment

In our ongoing series ‘Impact of Blockchain on Various Industries,’ we’ve been investigating the expansive implications of blockchain technology in several sectors. This time around, we’re hitting a high note with a closer look at music and entertainment, a sector teeming with creativity and ripe for disruption. While blockchain technology brings numerous benefits to the music and entertainment industry, it’s important to address potential downsides and propose resolutions to alleviate them.

Blockchain and Entertainment: A Symphony of Change

Blockchain’s decentralisation, transparency, and security offer vast opportunities for the entertainment industry, particularly music. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge potential challenges and explore ways to overcome them.

Changing the Beat: Blockchain’s Impact on Music and Entertainment

Here are some ways blockchain is shaping the music and entertainment sector, along with potential downsides and resolutions:

Direct Artist-to-Fan Connections:

Blockchain offers artists a platform to sell their work directly to fans, bypassing intermediaries. This empowers artists with more control and earnings. However, artists may face challenges in reaching a wider audience without the support of traditional distribution channels. Collaborations between blockchain platforms and existing industry players can help bridge this gap and expand the reach of blockchain-based music distribution.

Transparent Royalty Payments:

Blockchain’s smart contracts can automate royalty payments, ensuring artists get paid in real-time for their work. However, as the number of transactions grows, the transaction time can increase, potentially leading to network congestion. To alleviate this, blockchain networks are evolving to improve scalability and transaction speeds. Additionally, industry-wide adoption of standardized metadata and identifiers can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of royalty payments.

Protecting Intellectual Property:

With blockchain’s immutable ledger, copyrights can be recorded and protected. However, artists may face challenges in proving originality or dealing with copyright infringement cases in different jurisdictions. Collaborations between blockchain platforms and legal experts can provide guidance and support in navigating intellectual property rights on the blockchain.

Revolutionising Ticket Sales:

Blockchain can combat ticket fraud and price scalping in the live event industry. However, adoption and implementation challenges may arise due to the need for coordination among multiple stakeholders, including event organizers, ticketing platforms, and venues. Collaborative efforts and standardization of blockchain ticketing protocols can streamline the adoption process and ensure interoperability between different ticketing systems.

Encore: The Future of Blockchain in Music and Entertainment

While blockchain technology’s integration into the music and entertainment industry is still nascent, its potential to disrupt the status quo is significant. As adoption grows, industry stakeholders must collaborate to address challenges and establish best practices. Through continuous innovation and industry-wide cooperation, blockchain can pave the way for a more equitable, transparent, and artist-friendly music and entertainment industry.


The harmony between blockchain technology and the world of music and entertainment is becoming more evident. The industry is on the cusp of a revolution, with blockchain technology playing a pivotal role. While acknowledging potential downsides, it’s essential to actively work towards resolving these challenges to fully unlock the benefits of blockchain in the music and entertainment industry. As we continue our exploration of blockchain’s impact in our series ‘Impact of Blockchain on Various Industries,’ we’ll tune into more sectors undergoing transformation. Next on our agenda: the impact of blockchain on the travel and tourism industry. Stay tuned!


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