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Latitude Services came about to fill a need within the industry

Who are we

Latitude helps start up companies connect with quality professional services. Navigating through the sea of providers out there is a dangerous task, so we act as a central hub for new companies, enabling them to focus on building their vision.

What we do

The vision for Latitude Blockchain Services is anchored around providing an all-in-one, full-scale service to relieve some of the stress that all blockchain start-ups experience. We plan to continuously grow our extensive network and strategic partnerships to ensure we can provide a broad range of services, leveraging those who influence the industry.

Our Story

Two brothers Corey & Rick Billington, along with long time friend Bradley Townsend, founded Latitude Blockchain Services Pty Ltd in October 2017 in South East Queensland, Australia.

“Our ideas for starting, and forming the company started flowing when we could clearly see that there were many companies struggling to find quality services. Valuable time was wasted sourcing things from multiple providers, and often it was hit and miss with quality. That was the feedback we were getting from company team members. We could see the desperate need for a central hub with all these services under one banner, and how beneficial it would be to bring them all together under one roof to increase productivity and to relieve stress from the new Blockchain company’s team, enabling them to shift their focus on progression of their vision”.

Born out of a love for the crypto community and Blockchain technology, coupled with the immense possibilities that this company could provide, we feel that we’re able to provide a helping hand and straight-forward path to success for projects that we share a vision with.

And thus the name Latitude Blockchain Services Pty Ltd came about! After about a week of scribbling ideas onto a whiteboard, we eventually found a name that encompassed our core functionality: global coverage and Blockchain specialised multifaceted services.

Corey and his partners at Latitude Blockchain Services have been fantastic to work with. Corey has been fantastic at connecting the dots and facilitating introductions between Blockbid and other relevant companies which have helped form long-lasting strategic partnerships. Corey is constantly exceeding expectation and goes above and beyond for his clients. The partnership between Latitude Blockchain Services and Blockbid has been absolutely invaluable.

Emma HoffmanCMO, Blockbid

Latitude Blockchain Services has been an invaluable partner for IceBreakerAR. Corey and the team at Latitude have proven to be effective at assessing needs, suggesting solutions that have been on target for goals and budgets. In addition, their accessibility and easy yet professional nature have made them a pleasure to work with. IceBreakerAR would not be the success it is without Latitude Blockchain Services.

Thien ToCEO, IceBreakerAR

The best part of working in the blockchain space is getting to work with people who are deeply passionate, highly intelligent and utterly competent. Corey Billington, Bradley Townsend and their team at Latitude Blockchain Services tick all these boxes. In addition to being an absolute pleasure to work with, the Latitude team has consistently delivered valuable solutions, whether on the partner front or during the Celsius Network token sale raise. Five out of five immutable stars!

Aliza LandersVIP Business Development, Celsius

Bradley Townsend has done a great job of being available and responsive in our online community. He has a professional and amicable demeanor, and handles difficult situations in an appropriate manner. I would fully recommend Bradley and the team at Latitude for community management services.

Jake LeihSenior Director of Marketing, Hypernet

Latitude Blockchain Services have given us phenomenal community building services. The team is highly knowledgeable and responsive to our customers’ needs, and their professional yet down to earth manner makes them very easy to work with. Latitude Blockchain Services have done a fantastic job with all services that they have provided to date for Hoard. I would recommend them to any organization.

Brian HaynesCOO, Hoard