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By September 17, 2020Management, Marketing, Social Media
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While there are many products available when creating and scheduling content for promoting your company via, social media, but there has been an abundance of them that can do various tasks and may not do what you need. So what content for social media should I use?


Is there a platform that can help schedule my posts?


Social media management has become a large industry as many companies don’t have the time to create and organise content. This has also been enlarged with more people utilising various platforms which requires the knowledge of where exactly your focus should be.

This is where social media scheduling programs have come into play where the operator can schedule posts and content on various platforms from one place. While this may make the task easier, there is also the problem of creating content that your target demographic love.


Some such platforms such as offer a comprehensive interface that allows the user to post anywhere they link the companies page. These places include Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Then there are others like Planable that offer a more simplified version, which might not be what someone needs.


But one thing to always keep in mind is that there is a cost involved. HeroPost starts at $38/month for the basic at the date of writing and Planable starting at $33/month and has a free version that only allows up to 50 posts.


The main thought is if it is worth it, and that comes down to the company wishing to use it to make managing their social media accounts from one place.


Content Content Content


Content is the main focus area of any social media page and is what can draw in your potential customers or users. Poor content equals people avoiding your page. Some might opt to hire freelancers to create flashy content, whether it is for their blog or posts. But it is true that no matter what, is identifying the various types of content that can be used.

One such content that may be eye-catching is animating your logo. There are many programs out there that can add that extra touch to them in an effortless way. The downside is that they do cost with some charging as high as $15 to download one or a subscription which costs just as much each month. However, it all comes down to what you decide and whether or not it is worth it.

Further, is whether or not your community will even like any of the content you post. We all know of influencers trying their best to gain attention and failing due to their poor content. But with everything, there is the light at the end of the tunnel as the opposite is true also with the content being so engaging that the followers/community just love it.

At the end of the day, the content is up to you, but the main thing to do is keep in mind the three items for content.

  1. What is the content being used for? Is it for paid ads or a general post?
  2. Is the content going to be engaging for my target audience?
  3. What platform am I making the content for?

As number three suggests different, content is used for each social media platform. For example, Linkedin is typically used for business professionals, Instagram is for creative content, and so on. 


More on Digital Marketing


For more on the marketing side, you can view our blog post on Digital Marketing here.

In the previous article, we went through whether to use paid…or organic. This is where your content matters most when using paid ads. If your content is dull with no substance, you may be spending funds unnecessarily. Best assistance can come in the form of a company like Latitude, or through content creation with freelancers to make the impact you wish for.

However, do not stress too much as the first time it is imperative to do some testing to see what reflects your target audience.


How frequently should I post?


When posting content on your pages, there is no real rule of thumb as to how frequent you should or should not, and this can be trial and error. Typically many will post at least once a day and others post less frequently. In the grand scheme of it all, there is such a thing as quality over quantity. After all, you know your target audience.

If you find yourself not having time for your social media presence, there is no cause for alarm. We have tailored-made services available that ensure you aren’t wasting your valuable resources.

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