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Digital Marketing

Through thorough research and experience, we at Latitude have vast experience in marketing within the Blockchain Industry and Mainstream (What is classed as the norm to most). Yet many don’t realise that there is a difference between the both. How each is presented is much the same as one business will market compared to another. Here we go into the world of Digital Marketing and why it is important. Whether you are doing it yourself or employing a company to manage it for you. We give you a basic outline of the benefits and the difference between marketing in both niches.

What are the benefits?

Quite a number of people still do not believe in having an active online presence. Even though the times have changed where more are purchasing or seeking services online.

Even many brick and mortar stores now have an online presence and at first, wonder why they don’t have any traction. This can be an indicator that no one knows they are now online.

Then there is the other side of wondering why their website isn’t showing on search engines. This can be very strenuous for those entering the digital scene, particularly if they haven’t researched into it prior.


The statistics speak for themselves as it has been shown in 2019, Approximately 1.92B people shopped online globally.

Furthermore it is projected for 2021 that approximately 2.14B will shop online.

Without marketing online to these tech savvy people, no one will know you even exist.


Therefore the key benefits of digital marketing is having an online presence to help the large number of online shoppers to be able to find and follow you which has the potential to convert to sales. This even includes services.


What kind of digital marketing is there?

First step is to know what you are selling or the service you are providing. Different platforms will benefit more for varying businesses. One such example for blockchain is Twitter has more blockchain related followers than others. For a retailer, Facebook is a more viable option to focus on. While it is good to have a presence on the main social media sites. A key focus platform can provide greater results.


Research into this is imperative as it can affect how quickly you can see results.

Here is a list of the top 7 social media platforms in 2020. (Source)

  1. Instagram.
  2. YouTube.
  3. Facebook.
  4. Twitter.
  5. TikTok.
  6. Pinterest.
  7. Snapchat.

Paid or organic?

Once you have created accounts and set each one up with links to your site and invited all your friends to like the page. Now what?

Inviting friends is an organic way to build a following as it doesn’t cost and those that support what you are doing will like the page. But in some cases that is as far as it goes. As long as your friends share posts and share the page it can be a very slow and daunting process. This can occasionally make your digital marketing fell lengthened. However, as with anything, the effort put in can also reap the rewards.

Organic is slow, however it also is a more reliable following than from many sources of other ways to build your community. This is due to the fact that they like what you post to like you in the first place.

Another way to organically build your following is through the use of hashtags. By placing hashtags onto your posts, it allows it to be found when people are searching for something within the social media platform. Upon popular belief there is no such thing as too many hashtags. This reigns true to an extent, however if those hashtags have no relevance to your post or your business. It can be seen as spam and have more negative effects.

Don’t have the patience or time to build your following organically? Then there is also the option to do paid advertisements within the social media platforms. One such is on Facebook where you can pay to have your page shown on people’s feed. One thing to point out is that the Ad does have to be set up properly to have any affect. After all, there is no point showing on someone’s feed that is not interested in what you are doing.

Another such paid avenue is to utilise the Google Adwords. This can be costly depending on your keywords as some can be done at a high rate of Cost Per Click. However if also done properly can show you on the first page of google searches with a much higher chance of having visitors to your page.

This is only a brief overview of Paid or Organic. There is much more involved than first meets the eye and this is one reason why many choose services to manage them.


Is there a difference between blockchain and mainstream digital marketing?

In short the answer is YES!

Why yell it? That is simply the fact that blockchain is a different beast altogether when is comes to digital marketing. While in the mainstream it is a very straightforward form of marketing. Blockchain is predominantly on social media for communities. These communities can be seen as investors in the project. (One from the outside, in simple terms, crowdfunding) Have vocal support for said company. This also is covered in our blog post on Global community management.

There are also restrictions on what you can and can’t do when marketing a blockchain company compared to one that is mainstream. One example is with TikTok. With paid Ads any advertising of cryptocurrencies is not allowed. This is similar to Twitch.

While the blockchain product itself can be, just not any token or coin that is associated with it.

Any disputes in mainstream can be settled as a refund or replacement of the item you have sold, or service you have done. While in Blockchain there are noticeable differences as well, particularly with the management of the social media.


Need Help?

Many don’t have time to do their social media or aren’t sure with what they are doing. This is when they look at Digital Marketing services.

If in the event you need help and wish to employ a digital marketing firm. Things that need to be considered are. Whether they know your market, if they have experience previously marketing what you do or sell, who are the team behind it and many more factors that go into choosing the right one.

There are also things to watch out for and here are the main ones:


  • Those that say they can build your following instantly are full of themselves. When doing organically, it is going to be slow regardless and if they show otherwise many use false accounts to like and follow the account.
  • If a company is willing to say that they will get you found instantly. Are also full of themselves. SEO wise in particular, there is no fast way when doing organically and many that can get you there quickly, do more damage in the long run. This is black hat tactics. (Ensure you always choose a specialist who does the holistic or white hat  approach).



There is much more in digital marketing, however this piece gives a good run down on the basics.

If you are in need of digital marketing, feel free to contact us and see how we can help you at or you can check out or various services right here.